Rachael Finds a Gas Station Glory Hole – Holey Fuck

18 Jun 2014 Runes

It’s not every day you take a quick rest stop and find a gas station glory hole on the bathroom wall! These things are rare in the U.S. but in I’m not sure about Europe. The way this scene plays out, she defiantly looks like shes done this before. It’s funny how a quick stop for gas and a restroom break can quickly turn into a erotic display of lust! After paying for her gas, Rachael goes inside to pay and comes out with a key to a door she will never forget entering.   She quickly realizes that this restroom is not an ordinary one.  I mean, how often do you find a nudie magazine sitting on top of the toilet in a gas station? I never thought Rachael would start flipping through the pages! What was once a innocent pit stop quickly starts getting hot.  Rachael starts touching herself and moaning while she continues to flip through the pages.   Then all of a sudden a cock appears through the gas station glory hole.  Rachael acts surprised by the cock, but who’s she trying to kid.  Any man in his right mind would have come running after hearing her in the bathroom. This scene is one of my favorites from Holey Fuck, this babe sucks like a champ and does some of the best glory hole cock grinding I’ve ever scene.

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