Over the last few years, the Glory Hole Niche has seen a rise in popularity. So much so that Reality Network Sites have started to pick up on the on the trend. Glory Hole Loads is exactly that, a Glory Hole Site built and designed by the Reality Porn Giant, Bangbros.

Glory Hole Loads features HD videos and pictures of Reality Pornstars sucking and fucking “anonymous” cocks (no one with a 10 inch + cock is anonymous) in Bangbros very own self built glory hole. What makes this site different from the rest is totally the obvious. Instead of going for the amateur feeling that most Glory Hole Sites aim for, these guys put some of the hottest and most well known Pornstars in the industry into their gloryhole.

Glory Hole Loads Content Preview:

Glory Hole Loads Content Analysis:

With Pornstars like Ava Adams, Remy Lacroix, Brooke Wylde, and Chanel Preston making appearances; It’s easy to see why Glory Hole Load’s content is some of the most wildly shared glory hole porn on the internet. The girls are smokin hot and they definitely are good at what they do. I mean, they are porn stars for a reason right? One thing that I love about Glory Hole Loads is the fact that most if not all of the girls at Glory Hole Loads end up fucking through the glory hole, something that I love to see in any glory hole video

Beyond the sheer hotness of the Pornstars, comes the production quality of the videos. While Bangbros has been filming porn for many years, filming porn in a gloryhole booth can be a bit of a challenge. You’re usually dealing with a small booth that’s suppose to only fit one person in it. You have to fit video and sound equipment, as well as, along with the girls and camera man. Shit can get to be kind of a tight squeeze inside normal glory hole booths, but that’s where our friends at Bangbros define their own normal.

Much like our friends over at Glory Hole Secrets, Bangbro’s Glory Hole is obviously staged. They’ve built their own glory hole booth for one purpose and one purpose only, to shoot porn. While their glory hole videos many not be so authentic in nature, building their own gloryhole has enabled them to capture ALL of the glory hole, instead of being confined to just close up angles. While I would normally consider this to be a bad thing, we are dealing with Pornstars here. There is no point in hiring a Pornstar, if you are limited in what you can, and what you cannot film.

The Reality of the Bangbro’s Reality Network:

There was a time and day that I loved Bangbros. They have brought us many unforgettable scenes and series and are among the pioneers of reality porn. But I’m afraid they’ve gotten to damn big and don’t know how to market their content.

Members of the Bangbros Network get full access to all of BrangBros original content (including Glory Hole Loads), but it doesn’t stop there. Sometime in the recent past they acquired a TON of porn IP’s including, Dancing Bear, Brandi Bell, College Rules and tons more. While this may make you start reaching for your debit card, let me warn you now. Being a member of bangbros has been more of a headache for me then anything else.

Navigating through the Bangbros Network reminds me of playing Minesweeper. They include content that is not in your “content pack” with the content that is. Simply clicking on something was not in my “content pack” earned me a membership and a re-occurring charge of $29.95… No warning messages like, “Are you sure?” no pre-payment confirmation screens… You’re never more than 1 click away from signing up for something you never intended to buy.

I became a member for the glory hole porn and what I ended up getting was the glory hole porn, plus a ton of added bullshit that I had no intent on buying. I learned pretty quickly that clicking on videos or images with the “lock icon” on them was a bad idea. The best part is that when I sat down to write this review, I wanted to see how many websites are actually owned by or directly affiliated with BangBros and again clicked on the wrong damn link landing me yet another charge of 29.95 re-occurring.

Thankfully after a phone conversation with a billing rep I got shit figured out. The rep refunded my money but made sure to scold me about clicking on content not in my “content pack”… I felt lighting this dumb mother fucker’s ears on fire.

I mean seriously, come the fuck on! The last thing I want to do while I’m trying to enjoy porn is becareful about what I’m clicking on! Scamming sales out of your already paying members is not only wrong, It’s like shooting a wounded animal! I’ve got one hand on my cock while the other is trying to navigate your shitty website, Then all of a sudden WAM! My Navigation Hand clicks the wrong damn picture and I’m charged $29.95 for it. Fuck you very much, -Bangbros

Stay far, far away…

My experience as a member of the BangBro’s network got me thinking. Why the fuck would I ever recommend this site to anyone who takes the time to read my reviews? Truth is, I wouldn’t. Stay far fucking away from Bangbros if you know what is good for your bank account. But if your hard up for Glory Hole Porn like I am, then please take my advice.

  • You have to make a conscious effort to watch where you are clicking. Download the videos and/or pictures you came for and get out!
  • Don’t even think about (I stress this) clicking on videos or pictures with the little lock icon next to them, it will cost you.
  • At no point, whip out your cock and start going to town. Wait until you’ve download the video you want to watch. By going to town, you are rendering useless when trying to avoid those “locked icons” I’m talking about.
  • If you do fuck up like I did and are charged for something you had no intention on buying, don’t e-mail them, call them. Emailing support got me no where. However, calling and explaining how their poorly designed site scammed me out of another $29.95 did the trick.

So there you have it. If you want access to Glory Hole Loads plus a fuck ton of bonus content, think again. Half the content that they advertise as being apart of the “Bangbros Network” comes at a cost. While the content featured on Glory Hole Loads deserves some praise, the company that owns and sells it are scam artists and they should be avoided at all costs.

The bottom line is that if you’re gonna take the plunge please do so carefully, and as always use my links to do so. They are pointed to the correct “content pack” and will give you access to Glory Hole Loads.

    Content Quantity: 7/10

  • 50 + Amateur Babes
  • 50 + HD Videos for download and/or streaming
  • 9,000 High Res Photos
  • Tons of bonus sites in the “Bangbro’s Network”
    Content Quality: 8/10

  • 20 + minute average video length
  • Some of the hottest Pornstars in the industry
  • Great camera work
  • Almost every scene includes Fucking
    Site Design and Usability: 3/10

  • Good DL speeds
  • In-site purchases and cross sales
  • Designed to “trick” the User into buying more.
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