It’s been nearly a year since I last updated the Glory Hole Swallow Review and a whole lot has changed since then. So lets take another look at where Glory Hole Swallow stands, now in 2015.

Glory Hole Swallow is a REAL (and I stress real) Glory Hole Porn Site that brings REAL AMATEUR WOMEN into REAL GLORY HOLES (again, I stress real…). There are no scripts, sets, plots, or bullshit stories that come into play when filming a scene for Glory Hole Swallow. I’ve done some pretty extensive research into Glory Hole Swallow over the years and have found that the locations that Dave (Owner and Content Producer) films his scenes at are indeed Real Glory Holes in or around the Tempe Arizona. As far as I’m concerned Dave is the true pioneer of Amateur Glory Hole Porn. Sure, there may have been a few other glory hole themed sites out there that came before and even after Glory Hole Swallow, but none of these sites managed to capture the level of reality that Dave has.

A Breif History of Glory Hole Swallow:

Glory Hole Swallow came onto the scene in late 2010 under the name “Glory Hole Hustlers“, but of course the money hungry porn executives over at Hustler didn’t dare let some amateur glory hole porn site defile their brand, so they threatened legal action. Although no-one including me thought that Dave chose this name because he wanted to leach from the Hustler brand, He made the decision to not fight it, and just re-brand himself. He knew his content spoke for itself and he could call his site what ever the fuck he wanted to call it, Thus Glory Hole Swallow was born. To this day, our friends over at managed to keep their URL and have dedicated the site to promote and share Glory Hole Swallow content.

Glory Hole Swallow Content Preview:

Glory Hole Swallow Content Analysis:

Since 2010, Glory Hole Swallow has captured some of the hottest glory hole action ever recorded. They do so all the while keeping the environment real and the production quality high. So what has changed from then until now? Dave finally has some competition. There’s a certain “Knock off” site that has been producing videos much like Glory Hole Swallow and has done so for the past couple years. Not only are they doing it, they are doing it well. It’s no secret that the site I’m talking about just so happens to be Glory Hole Secrets (no pun intended). The only difference between the two sites is that Glory Hole Secrets isn’t a “Public” book store style glory hole. Glory Hole Secrets operates out of a private homemade glory hole. Enough about the other guys though, if you are interested in their material, Check out their site review.

Gloryhole Swallow features over 150 hot amateur babes fucking and sucking in nearly 300 different HD Amateur Glory Hole Scenes With the hundreds of videos comes thousands of Hi Res photos. Glory Hole Swallow brings the quantity and definitely has the quality to back it up. Not only is their content top notch. So is their community involvement. Glory Hole Swallow allows it’s members to vote for their favorite girls as the most popular girls are always invited back to the glory hole for their 2nd – 3rd – 4th and sometimes even 5th round of glory hole blow jobs. To top it off, They offer something that 99% of other porn sites don’t offer, Members get the unique opportunity to appear in one of their Glory Hole Scenes. Happen to be in the area when they are filming? Dave has no problem letting a few fans jump in the booth and get head. Not a lot of porn sites actually listen to their members and fans and give them exactly what they ask for. ┬áIn fact, I can’t think of any other example. Glory Hole Swallow is the King of the Glory Hole Niche, and will continue to be until they stop putting out great content.

    Content Quantity: 9.5/10

  • 150 + Amateur Babes
  • 300 + HD Videos for download and/or streaming
  • Thousands of High Res Photos
    Content Quality: 8.5/10

  • 60 + minute Average Video length
  • Real Amateur Models
  • Real Glory Holes (including POV)
  • Member Participation!
    Site Design and Usability: 9.5/10

  • Outstanding Speeds w/o limitations
  • No In-Site Purchases or Cross Sales
  • Simple Layout and Easy to Navigation
  • Member Feedback Forum
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