Lola’s First Trip to the Glory Hole.

6 Mar 2013 Runes

Lola’s first trip to the glory hole came as a great surprise to me. When I first checked out the scene I thought it would be an average update from Glory Hole Swallow, but it turns out, Average couldn’t be anything further from the truth. Lola is quite sexy in appearance, but obviously not at 10. What she lacks in appearance, she defiently makes up for in attitude. This chick is a straight up sex freak. Lola knows how to please a cock, every cock she finishes gets her all the more hornier. This is a good thing if you are one of the last guys to go, because by the end of it all, the hornier the chick, the better the glory hole experience. Both scenes lola has done with glory hole swallow are among my favorite glory hole seens of all time. Check out the video I’ve posted below and find out why for yourself.