Sexy Redhead Melissa : Glory Hole Swallow

17 Sep 2012 Runes

Sexy Redhead Melissa is makes her first appearance at the Glory Hole. Not only is it the first time she’s ever stepped foot in a glory hole booth, its the first time it’s first time she’s ever used a vibrator to masturbate!  Talk about letting loose! But don’t let in-experience fool you, some girls were born for this. After buying Melissa her first ever vibrator Dave takes her to the back room where she proceeds to get off. Shortly after this babe indulgences in cock after cock and even lets one of the the patrons fuck her. Melissa is the kind of girl that you wish you could see while getting your cocked suck through the hole. Everything about this redheaded beauty screams “Fucking Hot!”. This is truely a must see for any Glory Hole Fan.

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