Blind Date: Amateur Swingers Group Sex.

Ever been on a blind date? If yes, do you remember the excitement you had before meeting up with your soon to be chick for the evening?  Your brain tends to project images of what your cock wants, does it not? Imagine the excitement of these two horny amateur couples!  Never having met before, all they were told is that the other couple was the same age as them.  Shortly after agreeing to the hookup,  they met up for the first time with one purpose; to fuck the Other’s Partner!Read More

Luckiest Nerd Alive.


When you think of the things that you would like to accomplish your life time, having a threesome with two smoking hot chicks should be near the top of your list.  Lucky for this nerd (Logan), he engages in threesomes all the time!!<--more--> While most men keep their threesome fantasy berried away for a rainy day of internet porn surfing; Logan is in bed with two beautiful women getting his cock sucked.  Surely, there is something wrong with this picture. Now I know it may seem hard to believe that a nerd like this could a woman to fuck him on tape, let alone two…  And yeah, he may be paying the models you see in this video, but at the end of the day, I think he wins. After all, you’re the one who ran into his video while surfing the net for porn ;).  So while your busy fapin away at your computer, he’s busy faping away at some of the hottest amateur pussy you’ll see.  I think it’s mission accomplished.  Cheers! to Logan, my new favorite male talent.

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Zoey: All Massages lead to sex

Ever hear that old saying, “All Massages lead to sex”? I pondered this very question myself after watching this video. After a little bit of research I found it interesting that the majority of men who go to spas for a massage, end up leaving wishing they could have had a little bit more. Lucky for this guy, Zoey doesn’t disappoint.Read More

Daisy Marie: Creampie Goddess

Sexy 21 year old, Daisy Marie, has been around the block a few times when it comes to creampies. She got her start the minnuite she turned of legal age and ever since,  she wants nothing more then to have her pussy filled with hot cum.

Some girls are great at talking dirty, but Daisy brings it over the top.  When Daisy begs for you to cum in her pussy, you better beleive shes sincere about it!  This scene from  has everything that any creampie fanatic wants and can appreciate. Definitely one of the best creampie scenes of all time.

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