Luckiest Nerd Alive.


When you think of the things that you would like to accomplish your life time, having a threesome with two smoking hot chicks should be near the top of your list.  Lucky for this nerd (Logan), he engages in threesomes all the time!!<--more--> While most men keep their threesome fantasy berried away for a rainy day of internet porn surfing; Logan is in bed with two beautiful women getting his cock sucked.  Surely, there is something wrong with this picture. Now I know it may seem hard to believe that a nerd like this could a woman to fuck him on tape, let alone two…  And yeah, he may be paying the models you see in this video, but at the end of the day, I think he wins. After all, you’re the one who ran into his video while surfing the net for porn ;).  So while your busy fapin away at your computer, he’s busy faping away at some of the hottest amateur pussy you’ll see.  I think it’s mission accomplished.  Cheers! to Logan, my new favorite male talent.

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